Небесна линија

Кратки Филмови

прва колекција (06.09.2011):

The Last 3 Minutes

Anısına In Memoriam


Video 300







3 x 3


The Kinematograph


The Black Hole


Nuit Blanche


Дополнување (14.03.2012):


Bridge (анимиран, 2 мин)

Лучшая короткометражка в мире

The Tale of the Three Brothers

Короткометражка Ритм

“Most” – The Bridge (Руски, 30 мин)


Mr. Happy Man

Lie detector

Corto 3D “Jaulito”

Surprise (a Short Film)

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  • Why we dont love the people who love us but we love the people who dont love us? Is this another anomaly of our fuckedupness? 4 months ago
  • "it's always worth to lose" - Jim Carrey 7 months ago
  • "Reality is your power to understand and recognise the misconceptions and misunderstanding in the world." - George Soros 7 months ago
  • "the internet technology that have the power to let everyone in the world understand each other" Snowden movie. 9 months ago
  • "The world changed when Supermen flew across the sky. Then it changed again when he didn't." - Suicide Squad 12 months ago


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